How to install Unify iOS Wallet



Unify iOS Wallet Install Instructions

1. Go to and download Cydia Impactor app to your PC, MacOS or Linux device. Also download UnifyPay.ipa file from to begin installing Unify iOS Wallet.

Unify iOS Wallet Cydia Impactor

2. Connect your iOS device to your PC, MacOS or Linux computer by using USB cable.

3. Extract the downloaded Cydia Impactor package.

4. Now visit the extracted folder and run “Impactor.exe” file. Do NOT “Run as Administrator” Impactor; doing this makes drag/drop of files not work on Windows 10.

5. Once you have the “Impactor.exe” running – drag in the UnifyPay.ipa file into the “Cydia Impactor”. This will initiate the installation.

6. “Cydia Impactor” now will ask your Apple ID credentials (usually iTunes e-mail login). Fill them in. Do not worry – these are sent only to the Apple. If you still fear – you can create a seperate account for installing this file. However, it’s absolutely unnecessary (in some cases you may need to have an “App-Specific” password to install the app. You can find the tutorial on that in the bottom of this page).

7. Check if your iOS device now has UnifyPay wallet in it. It should look like this:

8. However, now you will get the following error:

To make it trusted – go to your iOS device’s “Settings” -> “General” -> “Device Management” and click on it. You now will see this:

Click on “[email protected]” below “Developer App” text. Once redirected click on ” Trust “[email protected]” ” text and make it trusted.

9. That’s it! Go back to your iOS device menu and run the UnifyPay wallet by clicking on the icon again. You should have the wallet in your iOS now!

1. Go to!&page=signin and Sign-in to your account.

2. After logging in generate an “App-specific Password” by clicking on “Generate Password” button below “APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS” text:

3. Create a name for your “App-specific Password”.

4. Here it is, you now should see your generated “App-specific Password”, this is the password that you may need to fill-in to your Cydia Impactor when installing UnifyPay app to your iOS device.